Artisanal Round Barley Rusks 600g


Artisanal Round Barley Rusks 600g

Made by: Hrysafis

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    Delicious and crunchy, Hrysafis barley rusks leave you in no doubt that they are a rare treat: additive-free, they are made on the magical island of Lemnos, north Aegean, from locally produced, wholesome ingredients.

    Hrysafis barley rusks are robustly crunchy, made from the premium barley and wheat varieties grown on the island of Limnos.
    They look and taste like quality always should and reflect the care that has gone into their making, care that does credit to the island's own renown. Rusks are twice-baked bread and have always been a staple of the Greek diet not only because of their nutritional value and deliciousness but also because no Greek fare is considered complete without them.

    The main ingredient in the rusks made by Hrysafis is barley, a key grain in bread-making and, subsequently, rusk-making. Ancient Greek athletes and Roman gladiators attributed a great part of their stamina and strength to barley rusks. Barley is a grain that is packed with welcome nutrition. It contains B-Complex vitamins such as folate (folic acid) which helps in the synthesis and repair of our DNA and RNA, and Vitamin B6 that creates disease-fighting antibodies and maintains normal nerve function. Barley also contributes to the smooth function of our body, to bone regeneration and protection, and regulates our blood sugar levels. Compared to wheat, barley contains less gluten, needs less time to dry and can be preserved longer.

    Hrysafis follows a traditional Greek recipe to make its additive-free barley rusks whose pure, quality ingredients have all been grown on Lemnos. The fertile soil, the nurturing sun, and the life-giving sea of Lemnos welcome you to these little barley treasures by Hrysafis!

    Prep & Usage
    Add them in the traditional Greek salad with olive oil, tomatoes, Lemnos kalathaki cheese and oregano. You can also use them as an ingredient in green salads with lettuce, arugula, fresh spinach and kashkaval cheese. Alternatively, combine them with ouzo!


    Produced by: Hrysafis

    Country of Origin



    Sold by: Yoleni's


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    Wheat Flour, Barley Flour, Salt, Leaven, Yeast, Water And Vegetable Fat.


    Typical value Per serving (0.6kg) Per 100

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