Sun-Dried Tomato Spread 200g


Sun-Dried Tomato Spread 200g

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    As traditional as Greece itself, Amvrosia Gourmet's spread is made with "suntanned", summertime tomatoes grown in the Greek countryside to draw you irresistibly to the Mediterranean's character of aromas and flavours!

    A sun-dried tomato spread that is as delicious as it is traditional. Additive free, it contains no artificial food colourings: all of the goodness of the Greek land and sun can be found instantly in its appearance, aroma, and taste! An extraordinary spread which carries within its flavour all of the attributes of the Greek land and sun. Sun-drying is a process that allows vine-ripened tomatoes to dry naturally in the sun. The longer they remain under direct sunlight the more of their water content they lose. The result is sun-dried tomatoes, an all-time favourite brimming with vibrant flavours and colour. What's more, sun-drying allows them to retain their vivid aromas, nutritional value, and superb taste. Next, they are mashed and combined with basil, extra virgin olive oil, and spices to produce this melt-in-the-mouth spread.

    Prep & Usage
    Ideal for canapés, pizzas, risottos, and sauces or as a topping for baked potatoes and a filling for sandwiches. The perfect topping for your bruschettas, an indispensable ingredient for the success of your fresh salads, and a devoted companion to your cheese or deli meats platters.


    Produced by: Amvrosia Gourmet

    Amvrosia Gourmet is a company whose seat is in Athens, the capital of Greece. Since 1994, it has been successfully active in the sector of specialized and gourmet foods that are linked to the Mediterranean Diet. As a whole, Amvrosia Gourmet products are traditional Greek through and through with aromatic herbs, Mediterranean Diet patés, and genuinely Greek gourmet choices such as capers and sun-dried tomatoes being predominant. Throughout Greece, the demand for traditional Greek gourmet foods leads to Amvrosia Gourmet.

    Its customers include hotel chains, delicatessens, cruise ship catering companies, small pasta and baked goods businesses, meat processing plants, finger food makers and suppliers, and large distribution networks. Additionally, through far-reaching supply networks, Amvrosia Gourmet has shown impressive outreach activities in most of the European countries - such as Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark; and other parts of the world such as the USA and Australia.
    Keeping pace with the times and the changes in nutritional habits, Stavros Styliandis and his team have dedicated themselves to innovation, creating products in strict compliance with the Mediterranean Diet and exclusively relying on the unrivalled quality of Greek extra virgin olive oil.

    All of Amvrosia Gourmet's production processes are certified according to the ISO22000 International Standard as well as the demanding standards set by the FDA, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.


    Before opening, store in a cool place away from sources of light
    Refrigerate after opening

    Country of Origin



    Sold by: Yoleni's


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    Sun-Dried Tomatoes (80%), Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Vegetable Oils


    Typical value Per serving (32g) Per 100
    Energy Content (kcal) 80
    Fat (g) 2
    - of which saturates (g) 0
    Carbohydrate (g) 15
    - of which sugars (g) 10
    Fibre (g) 3
    Protein (g) 4

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