'Six of the Best' Artisan Vinegar Gift Box Inc. Apple Cider Vinegar, Red & White Wine Vinegars

'Six of the Best' Artisan Vinegar Gift Box Inc. Apple Cider Vinegar, Red & White Wine Vinegars

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    Six of the best vinegars from different artisanal producers across Europe. The perfect vinegar gift, each bottle containing a different flavour and story.

    This box contains:
    1 x Normandy Apple Cider Vinegar with 'The Mother' 500ml by Famille Dupont: Only 4000 bottles are made annually of this stunning Normandy cider vinegar. Like the best cider vinegars, it is left unfiltered, so elements of the vinegar mother remain inside the bottle and it can be either cloudy or clear. Its mild acidity makes it perfect for pickling vegetables and eggs or use when making meringues. Try also in Normandy-style sole with shallots, creme fraiche and cider vinegar. About Famille Dupont: Famille Dupont is one of our favourite Normandy calvados estates in the heart of the Pays d'Auge region. We recommend a visit if you're ever in the region to taste and buy calvados and cider. Since 1980, Etienne Dupont and his children, Jerome and Anne-Pamy, have reinvigorated their farm estate. Particular attention is paid to the quality of apples that go into their products, with over 13 varieties being hand-picked before crushing during the annual Autumn harvest.

    1 x Rose Pineau de Charentes AOC Wine Vinegar 250ml by Fleuriet: This gorgeous vinegar made from AOC Pineau de Charentes (the famous and delicious local aperitif wine of the Cognac region) is aged for four years before acetification in old oak cognac barrels for a further four to five months. It has a bright rose colour, fruity flavour and aroma. Use it for bright and breezy salad dressings, marinades, pickles, fruit and veg chutneys and sweet and sour sauces. It's particularly good when sauteing veal or chicken, marinading quail or cooking with guinea fowl, pigeon, and pheasant. Try it also in fruit compotes, coulis and caramels. About Fleuriet We discovered the wonderful Fleuriet vinegars on a sourcing trip in France. Philippe and Francoise Fleuriet live in a charming old house in Rouillac deep in the heart of the 'Fins Bois' area, one of the six crus (delineated growth areas) of the Cognac region. The couple left their jobs in northern France 25 years ago to move to this quiet area. Their vinegar-making adventure began a decade ago when they accidentally created a vinegar mother out of Pineau de Charentes, the local aperitif made with wine fortified with a little cognac.
    Their production is small, ageing four-year-old white or rose AOC Pineau de Charentes in old cognac barrels, each given names like 'Camille' and 'Pierre', in their vinaigrerie (vinegar cellar) next to the house. The vinegar then undergoes a slow, natural acetification for a further four or five months before bottling, unfiltered and without preservatives, or turning into a superb range of fruit flavoured vinegars. In their kitchen, they also use it to make small-batch additive-free confits, chutneys, jams and soups with home-grown seasonal heritage vegetables and fruits from their garden. Listed as one of top 100 French artisan producers by the prestigious College Culinaire de France - one of the best culinary institutes in the country founded by chefs like Alain Ducasse, Paul Bocuse, Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy who all use their vinegar in their restaurants."

    1 x Banyuls Red Wine Vinegar 500ml by La Guinelle: Aged outdoors underneath the Mediterranean sun, this Banyuls red wine vinegar has a vibrant red colour and delightful aroma of berry fruits. Drizzle it over everyday salads, add it to slow-roasted vegetables in the oven, marinate herrings and anchovies with it, splash over grilled meats and fish and sprinkle it over strawberries and other berry fruits. About La Guinelle These amazing vinegars are made by Nathalie Lefort in her charming open air vinaigrerie in Cosprons, a hillside village near Port-Vendres, overlooking the rocky Cote Vermeille coast close to Spain. Nathalie bought the small house at the end of a dusty lane in 1999 and soon after decided to revive the lost art of making artisan vinegar outdoors. Her philosophy is simple - 'You need good wine to make great vinegar and you let nature do the rest'. She uses the famous fortified red Banyuls dessert wine from local vineyards for her core vinegars, plus she also makes some limited production single grape varietal vinegars. Everything is done outdoors 'en plein air', using an organic double fermentation process where the wines and vinegars are exposed to natural airborne bacteria in oak barrels for up to 8 months before further ageing in glass demijohns that are shaded from the sun.
    Discovered by top French chefs, we hope they will also find a spot in your kitchen as a great ingredient to add to favourite recipes, enhance many sauces, gravies and as a finishing ingredient used in the same way as a good quality extra virgin olive oil drizzled onto a dish.
    Every year, Nathalie and her team only make about 10,000 bottles including some really interesting, and unique, single varietal and 'flavoured' vinegars."

    1 x Banyuls White Wine Vinegar 250ml by La Guinelle: A beautiful light patina, fresh and sweet citrus flavour (with lemon and hints of pomelo) make this a perfect vinegar for everyday salad dressings and marinades. Try it with some lemon sole fried in butter, adding it into the pan at the last minute to create a piquant sauce or with an endive, stilton and walnut salad.

    1 x Taliouine Saffron Vinegar 250ml by La Guinelle: As soon as you open the bottle you can smell the saffron flavour, Banyuls vinegar is aged for 8 months in demijohns outdoors then decanted into bottles with saffron stamens. It’s bright aromas of red berries and saffron are quite simply intoxicating and make a perfect marriage with gazpacho, strawberries and fish dishes like bouillabaisse.

    1 x Thyme Flower Vinegar 250ml by Solan Monastery: Made with love and respect by hard-working nuns in the Languedoc, this sweet and intense herb vinegar works well with all Provencal-style dishes and salads. Try it in a salad nicoise or add to oven-baked stuffed tomatoes, vegetable gratins and crudites. About Solan Monastery About thirty minutes drive from Uzes in the Gard region in the Languedoc is the isolated Monastery of Solan. Founded in 1991 by a French monk from the orthodox Greek monastery of Simonos Petras in Mount Athos, it is now home to a thriving community of nuns working the land.
    Over the past twenty-five years, they have transformed the unforgiving landscape into a model site of biodiversity. Restoring 60 hectares of land into various flourishing eco-systems, including an area classified as ‘Mediterranean Wetland’ that was awarded the distinction of the Natura 2000 conservation label in 2009. When they started, the nuns sought the advice of Pierre Rabhi, the pioneering French philosopher and agroecologist who helped them implement a sustainable approach to farming the land enabling the community to restore and nourish the soil.
    Today, with Pierre Rahbi and numerous local volunteer’s help, their land has become a veritable Garden of Eden. 'He told us that the land could not enrich us but that it would make us live', Mother Hypandia says, 'We must always listen to the earth and restore and nourish the soil and agrobiology is always respectful of its integrity'. Now, they make certified organic wines, countless jams and small quantities of delicious fruit and herb infused vinegars sold in the monastery shop and local farmer’s markets which we are very happy to bring to you. All of their vinegars bear the 'produits certifies issus de l'agriculture biologique' which is an EU Organic certification.


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