Organic Cretan Mint Leaves 20g


Organic Cretan Mint Leaves 20g

Made by: Pure Natura

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    Refreshingly aromatic with cooling green notes, mint has a vast array of uses ranging from culinary use and infusions to cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Pure Natura mint is organic and self-growing in the rural areas of Heraklion, Crete. It is hand-harvested so that its invaluable sensory traits and "perky" profile come to you in pristine state.

    Mint is a self-growing herb with a heavenly aromatic profile found throughout Greece. It has been highly valued since ancient times for the unique fragrance and freshness that it releases in the mouth and for its wealth of health benefits. Its proper Latin name, mentha derives from the Greek míntha. The Greek mythology legend linked to mint goes as follows: one day, as Queen Persephone was walking along the riverside of Acheron River she saw Hades, her spouse, trying to seduce a lovely, young naiad, Nymph Minthe. Infuriated beyond control and blinded by jealousy, Persephone turned Minthe into a humble herb with tiny purple flowers so that, even as an herb, she would go unnoticed by all. Hades took pity on Minthe and bestowed on her unique fragrance which, in turn, made her immortal. Since early antiquity, mint has been highly valued for its healing and deodorizing properties.

    The ancient Greek believed that it stimulated brain function and used it as an effective remedy against headaches. Those ancient beliefs have now been corroborated by scientific research which has revealed additional health benefits of mint. Mint infusions combat indigestion, sooth intestinal inflammation, and exercise a calming alleviating effect on stomach-related complaints. They also act as a natural decongestant in cases of coughing, runny nose, and other common flu symptoms. Pure Natura mint is organic and comes with more than its share of an explosively aromatic profile. Picked by hand, it is dried and packaged with extra care so that it can reach you with all of its sensory traits intact!

    Prep & Usage
    Perk up your mood with a refreshing mint infusion. Add one heaped teaspoonful of mint to one cup of boiled water. Let steep for a few minutes. When ready, strain and enjoy hot or cold with or without honey.


    Produced by: Pure Natura


    Before or after opening, store in a cool place away from direct sources of light.

    Country of Origin



    Sold by: Yoleni's


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    Mint Leaves


    Typical value Per serving (1.6g) Per 100
    Energy Content (kcal) 5
    Fat (g) 0.1
    - of which saturates (g) 0
    Carbohydrate (g) 0.8
    - of which sugars (g) 0
    Fibre (g) 0.5
    Protein (g) 0.3

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