Organic Millefiori Honey 500g

Organic millefiori honey 8qli

Organic Millefiori Honey 500g

Made by: La Ginestra

Sold by: Vorrei

Country of Origin: Italy

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    Mille fiori in Italian means 'thousand flowers' and the bees that made this honey pollinated in a region where there were many varieties of flowers giving its complex floral taste. Mille fiori is also often called wildflower honey. This is one of the better known and loved table honeys and also in some ways the rarest: made of nectars from flowers in a particular place at a particular time, it is essentially impossible to reproduce its unique colour, aroma and flavours from year to year.

    This is the perfect honey for every use; dark, thick, crystallised with a rich sweet finish. It is a high energy food, perfect spread on buttered toast for breakfast and delicious with cheese.

    Our producer - La Ginestra

    Our honey comes from a Cooperative in Tuscany called La Ginestra, founded in 1978 by a group of young people who wanted to preserve and renew the traditions of the Tuscan countryside. Established on a farm that had been abandoned for decades, it took the name form the beautiful yellow bushes of wild broom that at that time filled the uncultivated fields.

    Since 1989 the farm has been organic, using eco-compatible methods of production in accordance with EC regulations. Beekeeping is one of the farms main spheres of activity, producing 6 varieties of single flower honey from the uncontaminated pastures and woodlands of Tuscany: Acacia, Chestnut, Wildflower, Forest flower, Eucalyptus and Heather.

    The honey is produced with the organic agriculture methods that prevent the use of any synthetic products or chemicals to treat and care for the bees, plastic has also been abolished with the bees only coming into contact with wood, metal and wax. The beehives are kept in wooded areas far away from urban and intensively farmed areas.

    After the extraction of the honeycombs they filter and separate to eliminate impurities and air that can sometimes remain. The honey is then packed in a liquid state (after a little heating under 40 degrees if it is too dense or cold).


    Produced by: La Ginestra


    Once open, store in a cool, dark place.

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    Sold by: Vorrei


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