Organic Corinthian Raisins 200g


Organic Corinthian Raisins 200g

Made by: Golden Black

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    The name Golden Black these Corinthian currants have is no accident since, for centuries, Corinthian currant has been considered Greece's "black gold". Grown in the legendary area of Nemea, they are organic and naturally sun-dried for incomparable sweetness of flavor and burst of taste!

    The Papaioannou family produces this exquisite product of high nutritional and gourmet value: dried Corinthian currants straight from its own vineyards. The Corinthian stafidampelos yielding the currants is a self-sown Peloponnesian grapevine variety which has been around since antiquity. Its small, pearl-like grapes are of a dark, almost black, color and are deliciously sweet. The innovation introduced by the Papaioannou family is that the currants' drying stage is done all-naturally: The grape clusters are harvested one by one with extreme care and are placed on handcrafted sunshades called "iskiades"

    What makes the Papaioannou Family's Corinthian currant production special is the way in which the family dries its grape harvest: it's innovation in its best manifestation as it is based on the old, traditional Greek way of grape-drying. The grapes are placed on handmade wooden structures known as "Skies" or "Iskiades" which act as sunshades for the grapes. They have parallel stainless steel wires traversing their width and ceilings made of rows of rustproof metal sheets which shade the grapes during the drying process. One by one, so that their precious black berries are not crushed, the grapes are then hung from the wires and the drying process begins. For 20 to 25 days, under constant supervision, the grapes protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays, are allowed to dry slowly and leisurely. Next, they are taken down and carefully placed onto an open-air threshing floor for a couple of days until the drying process is complete naturally.

    This all-natural process endows the currants produced with exceptional quality traits: a magnificent dark, almost black colour, a flesh that remains unchanged, a full body, an incomparable fruity burst of taste, and a unique aroma. Corinthian currants are a rich source of anti-oxidants. They are known for their cancer-fighting and anti-microbial properties. Rich in minerals, the Corinthian currant is super-food indeed.

    These Greek organically grown and processed currants are then ready, in all their concealed juiciness, for packaging. Their invaluable nutritional properties that the natural drying process preserves intact are reflected in the brand name given to them: "Golden Black". It is a name that reflects the past when Corinthian black currants were for Greece what oil is for the Middle East and acknowledges that, once upon a time, these rare currants were Greece's "black gold".

    Prep & Usage
    Let them loose on your yogurt or ice cream, make them part of an assortment of nuts, give your cheese platters that extra vivacity they need, or fold their sweet juiciness into your leafy salads, cookies, and cakes.


    Produced by: Golden Black


    Before or after opening, store in a cool place away from direct sources of light.

    Country of Origin



    Sold by: Yoleni's


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    99.7% Organic Corinthian Currants, 0.3% Organic Sunflower Oil


    Typical value Per serving (36g) Per 100
    Energy Content (kcal) 114
    Fat (g) 0.2
    - of which saturates (g) 0
    Carbohydrate (g) 27.3
    - of which sugars (g) 21.2
    Fibre (g) 2.5
    Protein (g) 0.7

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