Kritsa Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Kritsa Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Made by: GAEA

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    A superior category, single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made of the famous Koroneiki olives. Kritsa Estate has an exceptionally low acidity at bottling time and a superbly balanced combination of flavours with a unique aftertaste.

    The KRITSA ESTATE superior category single varietal olive oil is the result of the joint venture between Gaea and the Kritsa Agricultural Cooperative. The hand-picked olives from one of the oldest Cretan olive groves are "cold-pressed" immediately after harvesting to produce this celebrated olive oil of exceptionally low acidity at bottling time. The "Koroneiki" variety, which is used to produce this olive oil, is considered one of the most sought-after varieties in the world. With the help of an ideal microclimate and centuries of local tradition in olive cultivation, the Kritsa Estate olive oil has a superbly balanced combination of flavours with a unique aftertaste. (103)
    Taste: well-balanced with light bitter and more pronounced pungency notes, closing with a greenly fruity aftertaste
    Aroma: greenly fruity dominate in the sensory profile of this oil. Weaker sensations of artichoke, freshly mown grass, green and ripley fruity add refinement and complexity.
    Pairing Suggestions: salads, or as a sauce, raw on top of grilled meat or fish, pasta and salads. Astonishing taste when added on top of cooked dishes or raw and grilled vegetables. Great combination in sweets with dark chocolate (i.e. chocolate souffl�).

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pure natural olive oil, without any industrial processing. It has a strong, fruity taste and an aroma of freshly collected olives. It may have a pleasantly bitter taste and also create a short burning sensation in the throat. Given the fact that 75% of the olive oil produced in Greece is extra virgin, Greece ranks first in the world in extra virgin olive oil production (the term, �extra virgin', stands for the highest quality olive oil), while it is the third largest olive oil producing country in the world. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is described as being almost free of acidity, expressed as oleic acid and not exceeding 0, 8%. Acidity is one of the most important criteria for olive oil quality, since the lower the acidity level, the better olive oil quality we get.


    Produced by: GAEA

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