Corinthian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 600ml

Corinthian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 600ml

Made by: Ladolea

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece


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    The area of Peloponnese is an area of Greece legendary for its superb olive oil. Ladolea is an organic monovarietal olive oil from Corithia's seaside olive groves! it's an extra virgin olive oil whose superior quality lies in the organic cultivation of the Patra Ladolia olive variety olives it comes from and its purity. Embrace it for culinary notes that are as traditional as they are uniquely flavourful!

    Traditionally pure, Greek virgin olive oil has been known for its nutritional value since ancient times from Homer who hailed it as "liquid gold" to Hippocrates who touted it as "the great healer". Since Greece has been blessed with a soil and climate ideal for the olive tree, ancient Greeks had immediate access to it and it was a staple of their diet. Today, virgin olive oil continues in its leading role as a top-ranking representative of the Mediterranean Diet's healthy eating patterns. Ladolea crafts an organic extra virgin olive oil of premium quality from olives of Patra Ladolia olive variety grown in olive groves lying serenely at the seaside village of Melissi, Corinthia. Ladolea prefers to hand-harvest its olives relatively early in the season (November 10-30) when they are still somewhat unripe and green. Production may be poorer but, at that stage, the olives are high on good-for-us polyphenols and antioxidants and yield an olive oil rich in fruity notes. Next, in a production environment where all stages of the olive making process are certified to ISO 22000, the olives are cold-pressed within 24 hours after being harvested so that they can transfer their nutritional value and sensory traits intact to the olive oil they yield. Prior to bottling, the olive oil produced is stored briefly in special stainless steel tanks to allow for sedimentation of solids in a natural way. The result is an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil which is then bottled in gorgeous ceramic bottles since Ladolea is convinced that such an extraordinary olive oil deserves "clothing" that is equally extraordinary. The design of the Ladolea olive oil bottles draws its inspiration on the Corinthian region's rich tapestry of history and, more specifically, from "aryballos" a small, globular ceramic flask with a narrow neck popular around 700 BC. Athletes participating in the Olympics would store in the "aryballos" oil which they used to anoint their bodies before the games. Ladolea has redesigned the bottle transfiguring it into an olive oil dispenser that meets modern standards and has a practical cork-pourer. Ladolea bottles are hand-made from scratch by Greek traditional potters. Light gold in colour, Ladolea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a delicate and sweet aroma, notes of freshly cut grass, and a well-balanced personality. From the first drop to the very last it aspires at pleasing even the most demanding palate.


    Produced by: Ladolea

    Prep & usage

    Perfect with robust flavors, it's ideal for meats, grilled fish, and vegetables.


    Before or after opening, store in a cool place away from direct sources of light.

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