Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

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Country of Origin: Greece

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    Band of Chefs is an extra virgin olive oil crafted in Ermioni, Regional Unit of Argolida. It owes its flawless sensory traits to Koroneiki and Manaki, two gifted olive varieties that yield superb olive oil. Every drop you taste will confirm that you've got Greek Mother Nature's bounty on your culinary side!

    Band of Chefs is an extra virgin olive oil that will break your everyday culinary routine. It is crafted in the coastal area of Ermioni, Argolida from Koroneiki and Manaki, two extraordinary olive varieties which in this olive oil yield their best self, thanks to the perfect soil and climate conditions they thrive under.

    Crafting Band of Chefs starts at the olive groves and continues with the harvest, the olive making process, and storage and is completed with the stages of standardization and packaging. All of the steps involved in making Band of Chefs depend on the standards of the ISO 2200 Quality Assurance System which are followed faithfully while lavishing on the product the attention it deserves and keeping aware of the need for environmental protection. Harvesting, which begins mid-October and lasts until late December, does not start until the olives of Manaki and Koroneiki have reached their perfect maturation point. During harvest, olives are picked by hand carefully so that their sensory traits may remain intact. They are then sent to the plant where they yield their olive oil only by means of cold extraction.

    Band of Chefs is an extra virgin olive oil that will not only suit your everyday culinary needs but will also prove an indispensable ally in finishing savory as well as sweet recipes. It has aromas of mild intensity and a distinctive sweet flavour with piquant notes, traits which well-known chefs in Greece and abroad value for their recipe-enhancing attributes.

    About the Producer
    Olive Vision is a company established in 2011 by Kostas Balafas and George Dimarakis. Though fairly new, Olive Vision is a fast-growing company with expertise and specialization in producing, standardizing, and trading extra virgin olive oil. Olive Vision's founders are not strangers to the field. They have coupled their love and devotion for olive growing and olive making with their long-standing marketing know-how to arrive at the crafting of "Moria Elea", a range of exceptional extra virgin olive oils.

    They have set their heart not only on crafting a product of excellence but also on pampering their consumers with a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience. To do so, they are growing Koroneiki and Manaki, two of Greece's best olive cultivars, in the family olive groves in Ermioni, Argolida, in sunny southern Greece where their storage and standardization facilities are also located.

    The production process starts with olive growing, continues with the harvest, and ends with the crafting of the olive oil, its storage, and bottling. Under the guidance of a team of experts and following a rigorous pattern of soil, water, and leaf analysis, Olive Vision goes on to implement the best and safest growing practices, all anchored on an Agricultural Production Integrated Management System. Depending on the olive variety, harvesting takes place between mid-October and late December and never before the olives of each variety have reached their perfect point of maturity. The olives are then hand-picked with great care so as not to have their sensory traits compromised. The end result is "Moria Elea", a highly acclaimed extra virgin olive oil which has been the proud recipient of many an international award both for its quality and its elegant packaging.


    Produced by: Band of Chefs

    Prep & usage

    Ideal for recipes calling for pork, beef, fish, poultry, pasta, and fresh vegetables.


    Before or after opening, store in a cool place away from direct sources of light.

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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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