Detox The Greek Herbal Tea Collection


Detox The Greek Herbal Tea Collection

Made by: Oreanthi

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    Fragrantly different and caffeine-free, Oreanthi's Detox Herbal Blend is made with all-natural herbs which act as an anti-oxidant boost on the human body. Greek Mother Nature's own pampered children, these herbs are hand-harvested to retain all of their captivating, healthful character.

    Oreanthi herbal infusions take a good look at wellness from a new angle by blending Greek and Mediterranean aromatic herbs and flowers together. Oreanthi Detox is a powerful antioxidant herbal blend. It contains Greek mountain tea, olive tree leaves, lime-tree blossoms and thyme, all traditionally used around the Mediterranean to boost overall wellness and bolster our body's immune system.

    To that energizing blend, hibiscus and scented geranium add a fresh, fruity note. Make Oreanthi Detox your new, wellness-oriented daily habit. All Oreanthi blends are by nature caffeine-free and contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives of any kind. Each Oreanthi pack contains 15 transparent biodegradable teabag pyramids made from 100% corn starch which allow the blend's sensory traits to remain unaltered. Oreanthi made its teabags transparent to showcase the beauty and vibrant colours of the blend's herbs and flowers. The teabags' pyramid shape allows the water ample room to circulate and release all of the Herbal Tea' s natural aromas and flavors. Whether you prefer herbal blend hot or enjoy it cold, the blend's potent fragrance and flavor will make it taste delicious either way. Sip your way into Oreanthi's Greek world of traditional infusions!

    About the Producer
    Oreanthi was created by Sophia, Yota, and Eleni, three women who went to school together and are still close friends, with long-standing, successful careers in marketing, advertising, and Greek botany research. They saw their newly established company as the means to promoting their mission: to come up with modern, innovative and premium herbal teas that showcase Greece as a promoter of quality. What is more, they wanted their products to embrace all of the values they believe in: ethos, quality, creativity, tradition, and innovation. The name Oreanthi, which means "beautiful flowers" in Greek, can be traced to the island of Chios, renowned for its beautiful flowers and lush vegetation, where it is a name given to girls. Oreanthi herbal infusions are premium blends of aromatic herbs and flowers masterfully combined to empower longevity and wellbeing the Greek way. All of the herbs and flowers are hand-harvested during the summer when their scent and potency are at their peak. They are then packaged in innovative and tasteful packs whose designs are evocative of Greek folklore embroideries which are interwoven with the Greek land. The embroidery motifs chosen for each packaging may remain steadily traditional but are now drawn in a more contemporary, less heavyset manner while accurately depicting the fragrant herbs and delicate flowers contained in each Oreanthi blend corresponding to them.

    Prep & Usage
    To brew a Mediterranean-inspired ice tea on hot summer nights, make a strong infusion with boiled water and top up with ice water and ice. Add a few sprigs of mint and sugar to taste. On those winter days and nights when the sun has gone into hiding, infuse the teabag pyramid in freshly boiled water for just 3 minutes and you've got a pick-me-up tisane like no other. Greek perfection!


    Produced by: Oreanthi


    Store in a cool place away from direct sources of light.

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    Olive Tree Leaves, Hibiscus, Lime-Tree Blossoms, Greek Mountain Tea, Thyme, Scented Geranium


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