Cretan Woodland Honey with Sage 250g


Cretan Woodland Honey with Sage 250g

Made by: Meligyris

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    Deep in the forests of the Cretan mountains, bees feast on the rare herbs and shrubs thriving in the woodlands. The outcome is this woodland & sage honey whose superior quality can be seen, smelled, and tasted in every spoonful.

    The special terroir and rare flora of Crete is the sphere in which the model production unit established by Meligyris works. Based at the village of Arkalohori, Heraklion, on the iconic island of Crete, Meligyris collects its honey from bee swarms which are never moved from their favorite woodlands and feast on the noble flora of Crete at springtime. Prevalent in the aromas and flavor of this unique honey is sage which has one of the longest histories of use among culinary or medicinal herbs.

    Sage is a widely used herb in Crete, known for its beneficial properties. It is widely used in beverages to stimulate the body and to prevent various diseases. A light coloured honey, rich in essential oils and organic acids, is made from this herb in May.Well-known since antiquity for its health benefits, it is one of the favorite foods of bees which are the first to feed on and appreciate sage's velvety yet sweet savory flavor. Honey devotees appreciate Meligyris Cretan Woodland Honey with Sage not only because it's pure and nutritious and acts as an instant energy booster but also because its subtle, sophisticated flavor places it in the elite of honeys produced in the Greek countryside and forests. Let your Greek Meligyris honey travel you to sweet moments that are a gift to you from the woodland bees of Crete.

    Prep & Usage
    Stir it in your tea or coffee instead of sugar, spread it on buttered toast, top your yogurt or ice-cream, or mix it up with dried figs and nuts for a power breakfast.

    We should not lick the spoon and place it back into the jar of honey because our saliva enzymes alter the composition and structure of honey. Crystallization is one of the characteristics of honey. It is a completely natural process during which the honey takes on a semi-solid state. It is a biological phenomenon of natural, raw honey, which does not alter its nutritional properties.


    Produced by: Meligyris


    Honey should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from any exposure to humidity, light and heat. Keep the lid firmly closed as honey can absorb external odors which destroy its discrete aromas. Never use a spoon that has come into contact with ...

    Country of Origin



    Sold by: Yoleni's


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    Typical value Per serving (21g) Per 100
    Energy Content (kcal) 61.5
    Fat (g) 0
    - of which saturates (g) 0
    Carbohydrate (g) 16
    - of which sugars (g) 16
    Fibre (g) 0
    Protein (g) 0

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    Press & Awards

    The Greek Gastronomy Magazine Vima Gourmet Listed Meligyris Honey Among The 100 Best Greek Products In Its Anniversary Issue On January 2012.

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