Cook's Essentials Fresh Vegetable Box (Feeds 3-5)

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Cook's Essentials Fresh Vegetable Box (Feeds 3-5)

Made and sold by: John & Elena Fruit & Veg Co

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    Our 'Cooks Essentials' box is packed with the fresh fruit and vegetables that a regular cook needs to have readily to hand. Containing the pick of British, French, Italian and other European produce chosen for its seasonal freshness and flavour, it includes all the basics with a keen eye to quality.

    The contents will vary depending on the box size and will reflect the change of seasons. According to the season, the selection may include French Banana Shallots; Potatoes such as Pink Fir from Kent, Jersey Royals, Cyprus, Early Cornish or English Desiree; round or long, green or yellow Courgettes; San Marzano cooking Tomatoes; sweet bunched Carrots from sandy soil; Celery, including English Fenlandgrown when possible; unwaxed aromatic Amalfi Lemons; Giant red and green Italian Peppers or Red Romanos; Early Spring Wet Garlic or later French Violet bulbs; Pink Roscoff Onions from France or Italian White Salad Onions.

    This box of vegetables will feed 3-5 people for one week.

    Tastes & Textures:

    Pink Roscoff Onions
    Grown since the 17th century in France, these highly-prized aliums originated in the perfectly-suited soil of Brittany around Roscoff. The Roscoff onion is particularly versatile and can be used raw or cooked. High in Vitamin C, their beautiful colour and sweet flavour make them as perfect for use in salads as they are for traditional Onion Soup. Their marked sweetness means these onions caramelise well.

    San Marzano Tomatoes
    These elongated, dense-fleshed tomatoes are high on flavour and low on seed content. Sweeter and less acidic than many tomato varieties, they are the tomato of choice for making sauces.

    French 'Sandy' Carrots
    A particular favourite of ours, these French carrots are grown in perfect sandy-soil conditions and are the sweetest we have ever discovered.

    Violet Garlic
    In our opinion, the best-tasting of all French garlic is grown in the Tarn region of South West France. This plump, sweetly flavoured garlic is distinctive for its purple/violet tinted outer skin.

    Unwaxed Amalfi Lemons
    Grown on Italy's Amalfi Coast, these are widely recognized as the best lemons in the world. Along with its intense naturally sour juice, the thick, knobbly, unwaxed skin can be used to bring an intense aromatic zest to your cooking. Once tried you will appreciate the difference between this lemon and its less special cousins.


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    Subject to availability: French Banana Shallot New Cyprus potatoes or New season potatoes ( UK) Italian Romano Courgettes or UK organic courgettes Italian San Marzano,cooking tomatoes Bunch of leafy celery French Sweet sandy carrots Unwaxed Amalfi leafy lemons Red Romano or Italian pepper Violet fresh garlic or Wet garlic Pink Roscoff onions or White Italian salad onion


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