Continental Market Fresh Vegetable Box (Feeds 3-5)

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Continental Market Fresh Vegetable Box (Feeds 3-5)

Made and sold by: John & Elena Fruit & Veg Co

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    Our 'Continental Markets' box contains the pick of the produce we have selected from Rungis Market in Paris and Mercato Ortofruitticolo in Milan which we visit frequently to ensure the quality of produce we are buying. We supplement this box with special fruits and vegetables we have been able to source direct from growers, such as untreated Tarocco (Blood) oranges and other citrus fruits from Catania, Sicily. These citrus are recognized as unbeatable for flavour and fragrance. The box would also include the most fragrant Melons from Sicily or France, such as Smooth Skin Melon (incredibly popular and delicious), Mundial cantaloupe melons or genuine Charentais melon.

    The contents of the box will vary and will reflect the change of seasons. Subject to the seasons, you can expect the box to contain fragrant, crunchy Fennel; large, sweet Sicilian Peppers; creamy, round White or Violet Aubergines, or striped Purple ones; Artichokes - Green Globe, purplish Roman Mammole, Sardinian Spined, or elongated Violetto; the best tomatoes from Sardinia, Sicily or Brittany; green, white or yellow Courgettes; salty, crunchy Barba di Frate/Agretti/Monk's Beard; seasonal leaf greens such as Swiss or Rainbow Chard, Cavolo Nero or Spigariello Broccoli; Broad Beans, Borlotti or Coco; and sweet, fresh peas. Winter brings the most versatile Italian salad leaves: Castelfranco, Spider Tardivo, Treviso and Radicchio di Verona.

    The changing range of fruits include Haas Avocado; unwaxed citrus fruits such as Amalfi Lemons, Sicilian Tarocco blood oranges, Navel and Strawberry 'Fragolino' oranges, and Sicilian Red Clementines. As we move into spring, and summer, the variety of fruits becomes almost overwhelming and we update our list according to what is at its very best.

    This box of vegetables will feed 3-5 people for one week.

    Tastes & Textures:

    Round Aubergines
    Those from Sicily have an incomparable flavour. Creamy-fleshed and with fewer seeds, they are around twice the size and weight of the elongated aubergine.

    Barba di Frate/Agretti/Monk's Beard
    A salty, crunchy green vegetable which originates from Tuscany. Similar in appearance and texture to English Samphire/Sea Asparagus, though less salty, it has a very short season of about five weeks in late winter/early spring. Packed with minerals, its green shoots are best steamed or braised in butter or olive oil and seasoned with salt and lemon juice. Delicious as an accompaniment to fish.

    Italian Winter Salad Leaves
    Visually stunning, they are a feast for the eyes in the cold days of winter and provide a welcome touch of bitterness to our dishes. Castelfranco, Treviso, Spider Tardivo, Escarole and Radicchio di Verona can all be cooked or eaten in salads


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    Subject to availability: Romano/White courgettes, Giant Red Sicilian peppers, Sicilian Round aubergines, Small selection of Sicilian tomatoes (Sweet Datterino,Sweet Cherry vine, Torpedino...), French Herritage tomatoes, Sicilian cucumbers, Pink Borlotti Beans, Unwaxed Sicilian lemons, Sicilian Peaches / Taacchera flat peaches / Nectarines, Italian Apricots, Sicilian Mundial Cantaloupe


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