BLK Premium Alkaline Water 3 x 500ml

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BLK Premium Alkaline Water 3 x 500ml

Made by: BLK Water

Sold by: Natures Healthbox

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    BLK Premium Alkaline Water is a refreshing bottled mineral-water that is free from carbs, sugar and calories. Each slick designed bottle combines natural spring water with a fulvic trace mineral complex, which delivers hydrating electrolytes, essential trace minerals, and a pH level between 8 - 9.

    • 500ml
    • 100% Natural
    • Derived from fulvic acid
    • Contains 0mg of sodium per 500ml
    • Free from colourings, dye & additives
    • A natural source of vitamins & energy
    BLK Premium Alkaline Water includes fulvic minerals that are processed with purified, cool water to ensure a premium quality product. Fulvic minerals are known to provide life-giving nutrients which are critical to the growth of all plant and animal life. Join the dark side and feel the difference with BLK bottled waters today!

    What are Fulvic Minerals?
    Organic minerals within the structures of prehistoric plants were deposited onto the surface of the earth, where they were combined with fulvic acids. This continued for millions of years, gradually forming rare Fulvic Mineral deposits.

    Why are fulvic minerals important:
    Fulvic minerals are derived from plant matter and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is rich in minerals and life-giving nutrients and it is critical to the growth of all plant and animal life. Once obtained from the best source possible, Fulvic minerals are processed with purified, cool water to ensure the best quality.


    Produced by: BLK Water

    Prep & usage

    BLK Premium Alkaline Water can be enjoyed straight from the bottle.


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    Filtered spring water, Fulvic trace mineral complex


    Typical value Per serving () Per 100

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