Black Winter Truffles 30g - Fresh Truffles

Black Winter Truffles 30g - Fresh Truffles

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Country of Origin: France


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    These truffles are earthy, have a dark Gleba (marbled interior) and a deeply intense perfume and flavour - the most prized by Michelin chefs for their incredible taste and aroma. They bring a serious depth of flavour and umami hit, and are amongst the best, strongest and most truffley variety of fresh truffle.

    Our Black Truffles are available September through to the end of February depending on the seasons and weather. They are sourced from secret locations in the Perigord Region of France.

    The surface is black with small pyramidal protrusions and craters. Stunning.

    Knowing about and caring for Fresh Truffles
    Our Fresh Truffles are harvested and delivered to us twice each week, so they could not be fresher! Black Truffles will last up to 21 days if cared for and stored properly, although the aroma and flavour will gradually dissipate over time. Store them air-tight, sitting on paper towels. Keep refrigerated below 8 degrees. Remove them from their container and allow them to breathe for 30 mins each day, and change the underlying paper daily, to ensure they are kept dry. Remove any condensation from the container, before returning them to refrigerate.

    Over time, fresh truffles will soften, and develop a thin natural white fur on the outside (as truffles are fungus). Refrigeration and keeping them dry will significantly delay this natural process. This white fur is naturally occurring and is not in any way harmful for consumption. It can be simply removed with a dry brush or cloth. Do not wash truffles.

    Not all varieties of truffle are created equal! The list below gives you an overview of what to expect from each of the major species (Strongest to Mildest):
    White Winter Truffles (Magnatum / Alba) – Huge flavour and aroma. Will not last as long as Black truffles but are the rarest and most expensive.
    Black Winter Truffles (Melanosporum / Perigord) – The strongest variety of Black Truffle – Black and white inside with a strong, pungent aroma and flavour. The most expensive of Black Truffles.
    Black Autumn Truffles (Uncinatum / Burgundy) – Milder than Winter truffles, these are some of the best value truffles, with a low price, whilst still providing a smooth, medium truffle flavour and aroma. They have a light to dark brown, marbled interior.
    White Spring Truffle (Borchii / Bianchetto) – A creamy, rounded and slightly milder cousin of the White Winter Truffe. These are smaller, but still have a medium strength flavour and perfume. They are a creamy, light brown colour inside. As they don’t have a thick skin, they will not last quite as long as Black Truffles.
    Black Summer Truffles (Aestivum / Scorzone) – The mildest variety of all truffles, they bring a subtle, nutty, earthy characteristic to a plate as well as a raw mushroom texture – shave or grate liberally over hot buttery / cheesy food too take it up a notch. The lowest priced of all truffles.


    Produced by: TheTruffle

    Prep & usage

    Shave or grate over hot savoury meals for a touch of luxury.


    Keep air-tight in the fridge. Ensure the truffle and container remain dry.

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    Tuber Melanosporum


    Typical valuePer serving (30g)Per 100

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