Balsamic & Honey Glaze 200ml

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Balsamic & Honey Glaze 200ml

Made by: GAEA

Sold by: Yoleni's

Country of Origin: Greece

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    GAEA Balsamic and Honey Glaze is the balsamic vinegar of Ancient Greeks with a creamy texture - Crema di Oxymelo - to use in an imaginative way.
    It is based on the original Ancient Greek recipe. GAEA Oxymelo is made of barrel aged vinegar and Cretan thyme honey. It is produced in a completely non-industrialized way: in order to obtain the creamy texture, water is removed. As a result it is 100% natural, without any preservatives or additives.
    Ideal for salads, raw or cooked vegetables, cheese, or strawberries. Try it with Greek yogurt or with ice cream, panacotta, and cheese cake topping.
    Garnishes and transforms any dish into an artistic creation.

    The production of vinegar is based on the conversion of alcohol into acetic acid. Historically, vinegar is the oldest and most popular flavouring ingredient used in gastronomy. It probably appeared together with the use of wine around 6000 BC, as it is a natural by-product of alcoholic fermentation. Vinegar was widely used in cooking by the Greeks, who were actually the first to detect differences in quality among various types of vinegar, depending on their place of origin. On the other hand, vinegar has been strongly related to our health for a long time, thanks to its natural disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Hippocrates and Galen, great doctors of ancient times, used vinegar in medicine, as did the Egyptians and later on the Romans, the Chinese and so on.


    Produced by: GAEA

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    Sold by: Yoleni's


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