Artisanal Cow's, Goat's & Ewe's Cheese Selection from White Lake Inc. Cider Washed & Ash Rind Cheeses

Artisanal Cow's, Goat's & Ewe's Cheese Selection from White Lake Inc. Cider Washed & Ash Rind Cheeses

Made by: White Lake

Sold by: Harvey & Brockless

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


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    A fantastic cheese selection featuring a variety of the best, award-winning cheeses from White Lake.

    Katherine Goats' Cheese 250g
    A semi-hard washed rind goat cheese. Washed in Somerset Cider Brandy this cheese has a slightly softer texture and a stronger and more complex flavour than its cousin Rachel. A pretty addition to any cheese board.

    Katherine is a semi-hard unpasteurised goat's milk cheese that is washed with Somerset Cider Brandy and is made with raw milk and animal rennet.

    Milk Type: Goat
    Cheese Type: Semi-hard washed rind goat cheese
    Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Unpasteurised
    Suitable for Vegetarians: No
    Rind Type: Hard washed rind with Somerset cider
    Country of Origin: Britain
    Region: Somerset

    Tor Goat's Cheese Pyramid 200g
    A pyramid shaped cheese that can easily compete with a French Valencay.
    Tor Pyramid has a fresh, clean, slightly lactic aroma with a citrus flavour and is slightly salty. With a smooth texture, Tor is matured for around four weeks and is made with unpasteurised goat's milk and a vegetarian rennet. Tor is one of England's favourite artisan goat cheeses and is a fantastic alternative to the French Valencay.

    Milk Type: Goat
    Cheese Type: Hashed wrapped semi-soft goat
    Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Unpasteurised
    Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
    Rind Type: Hashed wrinkly rind
    Country of Origin: Britain
    Region: Somerset

    Goddess Cheese Washed in Brandy Cider 200g
    Rich Guernsey milk cheese washed with Somerset cider brandy. It offers pungent and citrus flavour and a super creamy, buttery texture when aged. A very good alternative to the French Epoisse and a huge favourite with British cheese fans.
    Goddess is the fruit of the collaboration between White Lake and Alex James. It is a delectable semi-soft cheese made with rich Guernsey cows' milk. The curds and rind are gently washed in Somerset cider brandy giving the paste and the rind a wonderful silky golden hue. At 4-5 weeks Alex James Goddess cheese is very creamy and has citrus notes. During maturation the flavour develops and it becomes slightly more pungent and even more buttery and indulgent - perfect at about 8-10 weeks. This is a beautiful little cheese.

    Milk Type: Guernsey cow's milk
    Cheese Type: Soft & creamy washed rind
    Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Pasteurised
    Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
    Rind Type: Washed rind with Somerset brandy cider
    Country of Origin: Britain
    Region: Somerset

    Pave Cobble Ewes Cheese 200g
    A stunning ewes' milk cheese from legendary cheese makers White Lake. Pave Cobble has a distinctive 'cobble' shape and appearance - it has a pretty, wrinkly ash rind and offers a creamy texture with citrus flavours. Named Pave Cobble by cheese maker Roger, a keen cyclist, as an homage to the famously difficult cobbled cycling stage in the Tour De France.

    A lactic style ewes' milk cheese made by hand in Somerset. This beautiful cheese has a distinctive flat-topped pyramid shape and a stunning, wrinkly ash rind. Creamy with a slightly citrus flavour, it should show some surface ripening unless it is allowed to dry as it ages. The appearance should change from a wrinkled silvery grey when young to a thicker more natural mould rind dominated by greens and blues. A huge hit with cheese tasters this year and an absolute stunner on a cheeseboard.

    Milk Type: Ewe
    Cheese Type: Soft washed rind
    Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Pasteurised
    Suitable for Vegetarians: No
    Type of Rind: Washed rind
    Country of Origin: Britain
    Region: Somerset


    Produced by: White Lake

    White Lake Cheeses at Bagborough Farm in Somerset is no ordinary cheese producer. Peter Humphries and Roger Longman at White Lake are making over 10 types of fantastic award-winning artisan cheeses. Mainly they are focusing their knowledge in producing a range of fantastic goat cheeses and a few great cow's milk cheeses. Opened in 2005 White Lake Cheese ltd has quickly established itself as a leading brand in the artisan cheese industry. Winning so many of awards over the years they don't like to brag about them.

    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom


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