Myatt's Fields Cocktails

Myatt's Fields Cocktails

Myatt's Fields Cocktails is a premium bottled cocktail boutique set up in London in 2017 by Clemency and Cyrus.

Our Story

We share a deep love in the craft of fine cocktail making, and have built this company to share that love with you. We got married in November 2016. If there was one thing we knew when we started planning, it was that we wanted cocktails. Spirits, sugar, water, bitters - they create a magic that we both loved.

We looked at a staffed bar. Too slow - we had 150 people coming and we foresaw huge queues of guests. A friend suggested premix. We didn't like the idea. When we went around London trying what was on offer, we liked them even less.

We discovered ageing. The magic of oxidation and what it does to vermouth and sherry. We started batching. We came up with hundreds of recipes. We had many a memorable tasting session with our friends.

The wedding came, and our first ever range of drinks got its first public test. We left for our honeymoon. The project was done.

Then the feedback started. Where did you get the drinks from? How can I get them for my event/party/dinner? We were overwhelmed. Sitting on a coach going across Argentina, we dreamt up a company. Myatt's Fields Cocktails.

You can’t capture a whole lifetime in a single drink, but we’ve done our best.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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