Moose is a handcrafted alpine spirit drink made in Arlberg, Austria. A perfected blend of mountain distillates and herbs. Cooling and warming like the Alps.

Our Story

At the heart of Moose is our strong love of the mountains. Their scale and extremes intensify our sense of freedom and adventure, their people generous and entertaining.

To capture these vital forces, we created this perfected blend of mountain extracts, distillates and herbs – cool and fresh, yet warming, restorative and uplifting. We called it Moose after the enormous king of the deer family that feeds on our herbal delicacies.

Moose is the result of an arduous and thrilling journey to distil the essence of the mountains. Made in The Austrian Alps by one of the oldest and finest family run distilleries in Europe, the water and herbs we use are filled with the character of the mountains.

Moose is dedicated to the protection of nature.

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