Lessadds Syrups

Lessadds Syrups

Lessadds Syrups is a small cottage business based in Scotland. We make our products from pure and natural ingredients.

Our Story

We won’t use any preservatives to extend the shelf life, nor do we use additives to make the volume bigger than it is, we don’t use colouring to make the colour coloured or use chemicals to make the taste tastier.

We are making our products like the generations before us, using natural ingredients and homemade in the traditional style. We believe that we make real natural products which capture the soul of nature. Our resolution will always be to go the natural way. Lessadds means less additives, and less additives means nature.

There are so many ways to enjoy Lessadds Syrups ...drizzle over ice cream, sweeten cups of tea, dilute with water to make refreshing drinks, whisk into hot or cold milk, pour it over pancakes, spoon it into porridge, spread it on toast, use as an ingredient for home baking or marinades for any white meat, delicious stirred into yogurt and fresh cream.

Our Values

  • Small Producer

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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