Funky Fat Foods

Funky Fat Foods

At Funky Fat Foods we're young and hungry and on a mission to create the best delicious and nutritious high-fat snacks to help you achieve your health goals without compromising on anything.

Our Story

For over 4 years, founder Louisa Mesquita Bakker has lived a high-fat / low-carb lifestyle (keto). Since she was diagnosed with PCOS, she began her health journey during which she experienced lots of benefits for her mind and body. Balancing her hormones, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and mental clarity.

Early on her journey, she noticed the lack of keto alternatives for the snacks she loved that could help her live a more sustainable and enjoyable low-carb lifestyle. It was then that the first product, Funky Fat Choc, was born: a functional keto chocolate bar that’s sugar-free, 100% organic with added MCTs to provide the body with the right nutrients you need on your low-carb, ketogenic journey: healthy fats!

We’re here to end fat-shaming and bring good fats back to your diet, one snack at a time. Because good fats are essential for a healthy body while giving you the fuel you need to live your dreams out loud.

Along with chefs and nutritionists, our goal is to keep researching and creating low-carb, high fat (keto) snacks that not only help you reach your health goals but also taste like heaven. We believe a positive change in the food industry is not only possible but a priority.

Working with like-minded suppliers is what makes our products high quality. Apart from the ingredients being so, we do not mix them with cheap chemical fillers or preservatives because your health matters.

Our Values

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    All Organic Products

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