Delicious nutritious bone broth

Add extra nutrition and depth to your favourite dishes with this hearty, gut-friendly range.

Cornish seaweed condiments

A unique, natural flavour that brings out the best in seafood, salads, chips and more!

Distinctive matcha tea

Smoothies, dressings, baked treats and of course, tea! You can do so much with matcha.

Black Charcoal Cheddar Cheese

Forget ash rinds, this delightfully creamy cheddar has fully incorporated charcoal to create a truly unique and versatile cheese.

Long Sliced Oak Smoked Salmon

Slow smoked in brick kilns and enhanced only with salt, this naturally delicious smoky salmon is a must for any seafood lover.

Italian Black Autumn Truffles

Take your pastas, pizzas and risottos to the next level with the intense, rich and warming flavours of fresh, grated Italian truffle.

Aromatic Squid Ink Spaghetti

Create the ultimate seafood pasta dish with this flavoursome, aromatic and utterly gorgeous spaghetti