We are a small artisan bean to bar chocolate company only serving 100% natural gourmet chocolate.

Our Story

Unai started when I was in my final year of Uni with a passion to make my idea of sugar-free confectionery a reality.

Sugar and me have always had a bad relationship ever since I had my own independence in the kitchen. I knew as a family, having a sweet tooth was in the genes, but it was only when I tried to cut sugar out completely did I realise as a substance how addictive it was...

The problem within the sugar-free manufacturing is they focus on purely reducing calories within their products and not the overall goodness of ingredients. 90% of sugar free products are using either artificial sweeteners or sweeteners that cause a laxative effect, which for diabetic customers will know is a common attribute in the confectionery department.

Being a bean to bar company, has been a great advantage within my recipe, and has been tailored to prioritize, high quality and taste. Apart from the necessity ingredients to make chocolate I substitute the sugar primarily for fibre (inulin) originating from chicory root, I then use 2 sweeteners stevia and erythritol, both natural.

Our sugar-free chocolate, not only is diabetic friendly, it also has a low GI, high fibre, reduced calories and also friendlier on the teeth.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • Small Producer

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