Bright Barley

Bright Barley

Bright Barley champions the nutritious super grain that is barley with healthy dairy free mylk drinks.

Our Story

Jiali Jiang, the founder behind Bright Barley grew up surrounded by barley in Aba, a region of China close to Tibet. Barley has played an important part in Tibetan culture for centuries. The people there live at high altitude, which limits the types of foods that can be grown – many can’t survive. But not barley, as this ancient grain is made of stronger stuff.

Jiali moved to the UK to study at Cambridge University. She saw that barley was also locally grown in Britain but had slipped off people’s nutritional radar. It was an underused superfood hiding right under our noses. Jiali set out on a mission to make it easy (and tasty!) for people to soak up all of barley’s brilliant benefits.

Sustainability is important to the brand with the key ingredient being barley which is a very sustainable crop grown in the UK.

The range of plant based dairy free mylk shakes compromises of 3 delicious flavours - Chocolate, Coffee and Salted Caramel. All low fat, high in fibre and calcium, suitable for vegans and with Vitamins B12 and D.

Enjoyed by young and old alike for the refreshing taste - but particularly those looking for a healthy drink or those looking to increase their fibre intake. Ideal for consumers who are dairy intolerant or who choose not to drink dairy due to environmental and or ethical reasons.

Our Values

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    Independent Company

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