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How to make the perfect porridge

Porridge is one of our favourite breakfast options here at; full of fibre and with so many variations, it’s a great choice all year round.

We’ve all been there, when we’ve opened up the microwave door to find our oats bubbled over the side of the bowl, the worst possible way to start your morning! But never fear, we have the steps to ensure a tasty bowl of breakfast oats, every time. 

So how do you make the perfect bowl of porridge? See our tips below!

If possible, cook your oats on the hob

We know it’s not always an option, but if you’re looking for the best bowl of oats, cooking on the hob wins hands down. By cooking on the hob you can manage the consistency a lot easier by being able to consistently stir them. We would also recommend stirring with a wooden spoon and using a non-stick pan to avoid any loss of oats to the bottom of the pan. 

If you do opt for the microwave remember to loosely cover your oats to ensure they don’t explode if the oats overheat. Stir your oats after every minute to ensure the heat is distributed evenly and your oats cook throughout.

Pick the right type of oats

You may have heard of many types of different oats; jumbo oats, rolled oats, instant oats, steel cut oats.

We’re going to talk through the two main types of oats used for porridge; rolled oats and instant oats.

Rolled oats, often referred to as jumbo oats or old-fashioned oats have been steamed and flattened or ‘rolled’ during the milling process. Due to the thicker oats they make a great bowl of creamy oats. 

Instant oats are steamed and rolled for longer than rolled oats and therefore will have a thinner, flakier appearance. They tend to have less nutritional value as they lose some of their nutrients during the milling process and also tend to have added sugar of flavourings. As expected from their name, these oats will cook very quickly. 

We would recommend opting for rolled oats when cooking your porridge. They have great nutritional benefits and will create a tasty bowl of creamy oats.

Use a mixture of milk and water

Whether you opt for dairy or a nut milk, use 1 part milk to 2 parts water. Milk tends to make oats stickier and thicker. Using water creates a great creamy texture for the oats without compromising on taste. 

Pick your consistency

Everyone has their own preference to how they like their own oats (just like Goldilocks and the 3 bears!). If your oats have gone too thick, just add a little more milk. If you need to thicken them up add in an extra tablespoon of oats. Ensure you don’t overcook your oats, once the oats are brought to the boil, bring down to simmer. 

Bowl of porridge

Leave your oats to rest when cooked

Once cooked, remove your oats from the heat and leave them for a few minutes, allowing them to thicken up even further. 

Soak the pan straight away

You will thank us for this one! Even with a non-stick pan the porridge in the pan will soon dry to a concrete like substance so run some water into your pan and pop in some washing up liquid to soak while you enjoy your oats!

Top with your favourites!

The great thing about oats is that you can pretty much top them with anything. Some of our favorite combinations are peanut butter and banana, maple syrup and cinnamon or chocolate and coconut.

Extra tip - If you’re adding powders, such as protein or superfood powder, to your oats, ensure you add these after the oats are cooked and cooled down slightly to stop the powder from going lumpy.

Need some inspiration for your breakfast bowl? Try one of the fantastic porridge recipes below:

Vegan Carrot Cake Protein Oats 

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