World award winning gluten free flours and bread baking kits.

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    Independent Company

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    Family-run Business

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World award winning gluten free flours and bread baking kits using a simple three-step process. Just add water, mix, rise and bake. Five minutes mixing will produce two beautiful artisanal loaves or ten delicious rolls.

Three years ago, when Davina became intolerant to gluten, she decided to use her science and nutrition background to develop unique breads that were just like special loaves created in a bakery. They are unique in that they contain no e-numbers or artificial preservatives and are packed with nutrients and natural antioxidants. These help heal the body and boost the immune system.

The breads taste just like artisan loaves, yet these are created with a simple process that you can even involve your children in making. You just need baking trays, bags and mix that comes in an easy to follow kit. Simply add water, mix, rise and bake!

Who wouldn’t want fresh bread in less time than it takes to go to the shop?

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