Full Of Goodness

Full Of Goodness

Promoting healthy Ghanaian foods, starting with the delicious snack Tigernuts. Tigernuts are not actually a nut, but a tiny root vegetable.

Our Story

Being childhood friends Nana and Doris are on a mission to promote wellness. They aim to do this through introducing traditional foods and practices from Ghana to a new generation. Both of Ghanaian heritage, they realised that even in the cultural melting pot that is South East London, they still found it difficult to find their favourite Ghanaian snack food tigernuts here in the UK.

Finding foods that were full of goodness became a priority for them. Being able to get food from Ghana that was packed with natural goodness in London and good quality was increasingly difficult. This spurred both of them to find a viable solution to address this need. Moreover, to find a relatable authentic presence within the health and functional foods was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Discovering and unearthing the health foods of our parents homeland that we longed to have accessible became our aim, because let's face it, there is life beyond kale and energy balls.

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