Ancient + Brave

Ancient + Brave

Ancient and Brave combines expertise in medical herbalism, functional nutrition and dynamic formulation to create delicious, nutrient rich blends and supplements with targeted health benefits. Each designed to rejuvenate the body, upgrade your cognitive performance and enhance your natural beauty.

Our Story

We have formulated two restorative protein and polyphenol rich blends which contain potent amounts of adaptogenic herbs and medicinal amounts of collagen in each serving. Our delicious blends are finely ground powders ready add to hot water, milk or mylk.

Complimenting the blends are our nutritional powerhouse food supplements. Our range is intended to make wellness strategies such as fat loss, exercise or intermittent fasting simple and effective.

From packaging to ingredients we source only environmentally conscious and organic products wherever possible. Our blends are certified organic by the Soil Association. Our True Collagen is odourless and tasteless and derived from grass fed cows that have been raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or GMOs. Our True MCT is sourced only from sustainable coconuts extracted without the use of any solvents.

Our Values

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