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5th Season

5th Season

A range of delicious, freeze-dried snacks, made from 100% fruit with no additives. Fruit without the fuss.

Our Story

We all love fruit - it's the go-to snack that's delicious and naturally healthy. But often our busy lives - completing triathlons, climbing mountains, running for buses - mean eating fresh fruit isn't always an option. There are times when snacking on a strawberry or peeling a pineapple simply isn't convenient.

We set about finding a fresh way to get our fruit fix - capturing all the goodness of the finest sun-ripened fruit in a handy pack you can take anywhere. With a bit of freeze-drying magic we have created a healthy, 100% fruit snack which you can consume wherever and whenever. It's fruit without the fuss!

Our Values

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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